Online Writing Center

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Illinois Valley Community College is pleased to offer online writing help to any student enrolled in an online course at IVCC. Please note: this service is available only for the online course in which the student is enrolled. For example, if a student is taking ENG 1001 online and American Government face-to-face, she can seek online help for the online ENG 1001 course only. If she has a question on a writing assignment for American Government, she must seek help in person at the Writing Center.

Submitting an Essay for Help in the Online Writing Center

1)      Save any writing (e.g. drafts, notes, brainstorming) you have completed as a Word document.

2)      In the body of your email, include the following information:

  • Your name and seven-digit student ID number
  • The online class for which you’re seeking help (will be verified by tutor). Include instructor’s name, course, and section number (e.g. Villarreal ENG 1001-102)

  • No more than three specific questions/concerns about the assignment
  • The due date of the assignment

3)      Attach your draft and the assignment’s instructions to the email and send it to We will accept emails only from IVCC’s student email service. Feel free to include anything else you think might be helpful, like links to sources.

  • If you cannot locate a copy of the instructions, describe the assignment in your email.

4)      Watch your inbox for a reply from our tutor within two working days. Please note that working days do not include weekends or days when the college is closed, so plan your revision schedule accordingly.

5)      If anything in your feedback is unclear, you may reply with questions to clarify. However, the tutor cannot get stuck in an endless feedback loop with a particular student, so this process will be limited to a few conversations.

6)      Once you have completed revision according to your tutor’s feedback, you may resubmit the essay once for more feedback. To do so, start the whole process over by creating a new email with new, specific questions or concerns for your tutor.

More Information

Your tutor will answer your questions and provide feedback on the draft. She or he may answer in the body of the email, or in some cases, might provide feedback on the draft itself. It’s important to provide specific questions or areas of concern for the tutor, as it well help give useful feedback. Here are a few examples of what inquiries about a draft could sound like:

  • I’m having trouble writing a thesis statement.
  • Does the organization make sense?
  • Are my citations correct?
  • I have trouble with grammar, especially commas. Can you look at my sentences for comma errors?
  • I don’t understand the assignment.
  • Can you help me with my Works Cited entries?
  • I need help with APA-style citations.

Your tutor can also help you get started with a draft if you’re stuck for ideas. Just be sure to include the assignment and any initial ideas you might have in your email.