Embedded Blackboard Tutoring

IVCC faculty can request to add an embedded Writing Center tutor in their Blackboard for any course.

Most professors may prefer a simple Q and A forum, but we are open to any possibility that could enhance your students’ experiences with writing!

Some examples of activities and roles an embedded tutor could undertake:

  • Question and answer discussion board forums
  • Individual or group tutoring consultations
  • Visiting expert/guest speaker (e.g. presentation on a writing topic or assignment)
  • Structured learning activity (e.g. moderated webquest)
  • Peer review moderator
  • Interactive resource moderator (e.g. blog, wiki)
  • Exam preparation
  • Guided revision
  • Discussion leader/moderator for writing concerns
  • Grammar guide

How does it work?

Contact Writing Center Director to arrange for a writing tutor to be added to your course and to discuss your preferred method of embedded writing assistance. For example, an instructor could create a discussion board forum the tutor will monitor for writing questions. Your students can post writing questions to the forum, and when the tutor responds, the other members of the class will also be able to see the discussion (unless you choose to modify the audience—we’re flexible!). The tutor will subscribe to the forum (meaning she or he will be notified when a question is posted), and will respond promptly within a pre-established time frame. See the mock-up below.

Each instructor can decide whether to require students to use the embedded tutoring service, and can control whether points are awarded for doing so. The tutoring may be a one-time opportunity or a semester-long support service, and might be free-form or attached to a particular project or assignment.

While an embedded tutor is not a teaching assistant, we can make your job easier by offering on-the-spot help for students in need, so that you can focus on subject matter concerns.

Who are the tutors?

Only experienced and specially trained tutors will be permitted to act as embedded Blackboard tutors. Instructors may request a specific tutor, and every effort will be made to accommodate such a request. Training focuses on our guiding principles (such as constructive, personalized, prompt feedback), effective communication in the online environment (such as making opportunities for contributions from students) and expected characteristics of online tutors (such as sound pedagogy).