First, check if the Writing Center is hiring more tutors. The Center typically hires 4-5 student tutors every semester, and because of limits to our schedule and budget, we cannot hire everyone who is qualified and interested. Call, email, or stop by to see if the Center is hiring student tutors.

Second, check if your qualifications match the requirement for Writing Center tutors.

Coursework—Writing Center tutors should have completed ENG 1001 and ENG 1002 with a grade of A. An applicant may be considered with a grade of B in ENG 1001. Applicants should also have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; a GPA of 3.5 or above is preferred.

Instructor Recommendation—The director will request a recommendation from each English instructor an applicant has had for an English or Literature course. Instructors are asked about the applicants’ attendance, work ethic, ability to articulate subject matter, understanding of class material, and ability to relate to others. Applicants do not need to request these recommendations, but it does not hurt to talk to your instructors to make sure they are supportive of your application.

Writing Sample—Your application will include a writing sample from ENG 1002 to show that you have mastered the foundational writing skills.

Third, make sure the job duties and expectations of a Writing Center tutor suit you.

  • Prior to beginning work, you will complete 2-4 hours of paid training, and will complete about 10 hours of training throughout the semester (for which you are paid).
  • Your schedule will consist of up to 10 hours of tutoring a week, paid at minimum wage. Schedules are created based on tutors’ schedules and requests.
  • Tutors work with students from all classes, not just English, at all levels.
  • Tutors are expected to be polite, welcoming, and professional at all times.
  • The Writing Center follows an approach that focuses on student learning and improvement. Tutors are expected to follow this approach and all other guidelines described by the director.
  • Tutors should show a willingness to learn and improve, both in their knowledge of writing and of tutoring skills.
  • Tutors must be self-starting and dependable. At times, student tutors are the only staff on duty, so they must be able to solve problems and keep the Center running smoothly.
  • Tutors must follow a code for ethical tutoring.

Last, fill out a Tutor Application for Employment and submit it to the Writing Center Director. Email the application (preferred), mail it to IVCC, or drop it off in the Learning Commons (D-201).